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QR Code introduction

QR code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional barcode that was invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara, an engineer from DENSO WAVE. It can store much more data than the traditional one-dimensional barcode, which is limited to about 20 letters or numbers. The QR code can store up to 7,000 digits and also encode Asian characters.
The three square patterns at the corners of the QR code help the scanner to locate the code and read it 10 times faster than other barcodes.
The QR code has a built-in error correction feature that allows it to be scanned even if it is partially damaged. A recent innovation is to add a LOGO to the QR code using the 30% error correction level.


Operating Instructions

Step 1: Go to the QR code content input panel and select the type of QR code you want from the Choose QR code type menu. Different types of QR codes will open different apps when scanned.
Step 2: Enter the content for the QR code in the input box of the selected type.
Step 3: Go to the QR code settings panel and adjust the size, color, quiet zone, corner radius and other settings of the QR code.
Step 4: Go to the LOGO mode settings panel and select whether to display a LOGO or choose a LOGO style from the Choose LOGO mode menu.
Step 5: Depending on the LOGO mode you selected, adjust the size, position, color, font, or upload an image for the LOGO.
Step 6: When you are done with the adjustments, download the QR code image file.


About this site

Designer: Simon Lee
E-Mail: [email protected]

Revision history
Version 1: In January 2010, the website was launched to solve the problem of most QR Code generators not being able to store Asian characters properly.
Version 2: In August 2011, the page was revised to simplify the steps to 3.
Version 3: In May 2013, the website URL was changed to www.qr-123.com, with added features of style settings and multilingual support, including right-to-left Arabic.
Version 4: In November 2013, the program was optimized for smaller size and smoother performance, and improved map operations.
Version 5: In August 2015, the layout was made responsive. It adjusted according to the device and could be operated on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. The website URL was changed back to qr.ioi.tw.
Version 6: In April 2018, color changing and corner radius settings were added, as well as LOGO functionality. The languages were reduced to Chinese, English, Portuguese, and Korean.
Version 7: In January 2019, it switched to a software-like user interface, with added copyright and operating instructions.
Version 7.4: In March 2022, QR codes for Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses were added.
Version 7.6: In April 2022, Scan & Copy was added.
Version 8: In May 2022, the mobile interface was made consistent with the desktop one.

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